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How? Food Induced Thermogenics!

What is food induced thermogenics? Thermogenics is the manner in which your body burns fat. Tap into this scientific approach to weight loss and see results immediately! By using food to generate thermogenesis in your body you can literally melt the fat and inches off by


Carla Burns R.N.

The Truth Revealed!

I'm Carla Burns R.N., developer of the program that is revolutioninzing the diet industry! If you are like me, I tried everything, low carb, low fat, diet pills, cleanses, packaged meals, patches and nothing worked. I am a modern researcher of new and exciting weight loss tactics and proven fat burning techniques! I will PERSONALLY reveal to you every single fat burning strategy I've ever developed. My program is in thousands of gyms accross the nation and now I am bringing this to into the privacy of your own home.

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I know that everyone loses weight differently. What if the foods you ate were the secret to your health?

What if that with everyday foods you could turn your body into a fat melting machine! I will show you the secret of combining ordinary everyday foods for maximum weight loss in the shortest period of time!

It is SIMPLE, choosing right kinds of food and in the right combination produce this thermogenic effect. You will be amazed to find out that these are EVERYDAY, ORDINARY food items. No specialty grocery stores to go to, no exotic food sources, no complicated meal plans.

checkbox No Calorie Counting, No Starving, No Gimmicks, No Diet Drinks

checkbox Utilize ordinary, real food

checkbox An easy-to-use, step by step program for both Men and Women

checkbox Easy Meal Preparation - Ready in Minutes

checkbox Top Thermogenic Foods

checkbox No guessing, thinking or counting calories.

checkbox Foolproof!

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I GUARANTEE that if you DON'T embrace this REVOLUTION that it WILL NOT work! What do you have to lose? Inches and Fat…Sign up today!

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